Scarperia: the medieval village home of handmade knives

Located in the heart of green Mugello, the town of Scarperia represents a hidden corner of history and beauty and it is a must for anyone visiting north-eastern Tuscany, offering a unique mix of culture, nature and tradition.

History, architecture and culture

Founded in 1306, Scarperia is known for its historical and architectural heritage, in which the Palazzo dei Vicari, an emblematic example of Tuscan Renaissance architecture, stands out. In the town originated in the distant past and is still active today, the production of handmade knives, recognised worldwide for their quality and unique design.

Nature and Landscape

In addition to its rich history, Scarperia boasts an enviable natural setting. The suggestive position at the foot of the Apennines offers breathtaking views and opportunities for excursions into nature, making the place a perfect destination for lovers of trekking and outdoor walks.

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Scarperia is 33 km from Villa Il Palagio in Colognole.

IMAGE SOURCE: Toscana Italy