Sacred Hermitage of Camaldoli: a sacred place in the green Tuscan mountains

The Sacred Hermitage of Camaldoli is a Benedictine monastery in the Apennine mountains, on the border between the provinces of Florence and Arezzo, and has been a destination for pilgrims and spiritual seekers for centuries.

History of the Hermitage of Camaldoli

The history of the Sacred Hermitage begins around the year 1025 when Saint Romuald, a Benedictine monk, decided to settle in this solitary place to dedicate himself to meditation and prayer. He has been the founder of the Congregation of the Camaldolese, a monastic order that combined the hermitic life with the cenobitic life of the Benedictine rule.

For centuries, the monks of Camaldoli have kept the spiritual traditions alive, welcoming pilgrims and seekers in search of inner peace and connection with the divine.

Architecture, art and nature

The Hermitage of Camaldoli, with its small cells scattered in the woods and its main church, is an exclusive example of medieval monastic architecture. In addition to its structure, the hermitage preserves works of art of considerable value. Surrounding the monastic structures is the Camaldoli forest, known for its biodiversity and some endemic plant species.

Visiting Camaldoli means taking a journey through the centuries, rediscovering that profound bond with spirituality and nature that is often forgotten in the frenzy of modern life, but that the monks, followers of San Romualdo, have preserved with their rule, their rites and their faith.

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The Sacred Hermitage of Camaldoli is 50 km from Villa Il Palagio in Colognole.

IMAGE SOURCE: Corriere – Viaggi