Poppi: a journey into the heart of Casentino

Located in the heart of Casentino, in the land of Arezzo, Poppi is one of the most fascinating destinations to visit. This jewel set in the upper Arno Valley, surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests, is a place where history, nature and culture come together in a harmonious blend.

History, architecture and culture

With the majestic Castle of the Conti Guidi, an outstading example of a medievale architectural settlement, the churches and palaces, this small town faithfully preserves the historical roots of its millennial history. Being less well-known to most tourists, Poppi is an interesting destination for those visiting Tuscany off the beaten track.

Nature and landscapes

Poppi lies close to the National Park of the Casentino Forests. It is the most unspoilt natural park in Tuscany and the most popular with nature lovers, with paths through ancient forests, pure water springs and a varied fauna.

Casentino Gastronomy

The entire Casentino region offers a rich and genuine gastronomy, and in Poppi it is easy to enjoy traditional dishes such as Scottiglia, or Verdure all’Acquacotta, the sweet chestnut Pulenda or the Lattaiolo.

To organise your visit to Poppi and its surroundings visit https://www.visittuscany.com/en/towns-and-villages/poppi/

Poppi is 45 km from Villa Il Palagio in Colognole.

IMAGE SOURCE: Discover Arezzo