Castello del Trebbio: the Castle of the Congiura dei Pazzi

This majestic fortress, located in the hills of the Sieve Valley, offers to visitors a unique glimpse into the past and an evocative experience of medieval charm.

Historical significance

Founded in the late 12th century by the family of the Counts Guidi, this important fortified complex became the main stronghold of the Pazzi family over the following centuries. In 1478, after the famous conspiracy against Cosimo and Giuliano de Medici, the castle was confiscated by the government of Florence and then returned to the family itself, which maintained it until the end of the 18th century.

Architectural grandeur and natural beauty

The architecture of the castle is a true marvel, with a combination of medieval and Renaissance styles. The imposing stone walls, towers and battlements evoke a sense of strength and grandeur.

Surrounding natural beauty

Surrounded by the green hills of Chianti Rufina, Castello del Trebbio provides a picturesque backdrop for pleasant walks and hikes, allowing visitors to explore the fascinating Tuscan landscape.

Castello del Trebbio is 27 km from Villa Il Palagio in Colognole.