Abbazia di Vallombrosa: Benedictine monastery founded in 1036

Being in the evocative landscapes of Tuscany, halfway between Arezzo and Florence, Vallombrosa Abbey stands as a timeless witness of history, spirituality and natural beauty.

History and significance

Vallombrosa Abbey has a fascinating history dating back almost a thousand years. Founded in 1036 by Saint John Gualbert, the Abbey became an important centre for the Vallombrosian Order, renowned for its dedication to prayer, education and manual labour. Over the centuries, the Abbey has been a centre of extraordinary cultural and religious development, influencing all the surrounding areas, including the Tuscan capital, with its prestige.

Architectural wonder and natural beauty

The imposing structure displays a harmonious blend of Romanesque and Baroque styles, reflecting the artistic influences of different epochs. The splendid cloister, the elegant church, and the finely crafted altars offer an insight into the history and spiritual heritage of the Abbey.

Situated at an altitude of 1,050 metres in the Apennine mountains, the Abbey is surrounded by dense forests and a nature reserve rich in flora and fauna, making the scenery even more serene and idyllic.

In this atmosphere of great tranquillity, the desire for contemplation and reflection arises. Visitors can attend daily Mass or join the monks in their prayer rituals.

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Vallombrosa Abbey is 31 km from Villa Il Palagio in Colognole.